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Areas Of Practice

Personal Injuries

Please call as soon as practicable after you have suffered a personal injury. I can assist in most types of injury claims including: 
           Auto accidents 
           Slip and fall cases, Premises liability 
           Injuries on the job, Worker’s compensation 
​           Defective products 
           Medical malpractice 
           Wrongful death 
           Train and airplane accidents

​A free initial consultation with no obligation is available for all injury cases. No legal fees are charged unless you collect. If the other party is uninsured, I can make a claim on your behalf for injuries suffered in an auto accident under the uninsured motorist provisions of your auto insurance policy. If your insurance agent sold you liability insurance, per Illinois statute, you also purchased uninsured motorist coverage. Please call for further details.

Real Estate

If you are selling or purchasing a home, you should consult an attorney as soon as practicable upon making a legal commitment to sell or purchase your home. You should be certain that the legal title to the property is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. I can review all legal contracts and documents to prevent future problems. I will prepare all legal documents essential to the sale of your home. I will also attend the closing for the sale or purchase. Please call upon signing the real estate contract and fax a copy to me for attorney approval.

Wills and Probate

If you wish to decide how to distribute your property upon your death, you need a will. If you already have a will, you may need to change some provisions due to a significant change in your life. You may wish to make a declaration about artificial life support. You may wish to execute a power of attorney to appoint another person to act on your behalf during your lifetime. If a family member has died, you may need assistance with a small estates affidavit or with the filing of a probate action. Call for assistance with: wills, living wills, power of attorneys or a probate action.